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Thread: Articles on diet efficacy?

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    Articles on diet efficacy?

    I think we've all been there...a discussion on the efficacy of diet and training. Normally I'd leave the discussion as "agree to disagree." But there are other parties involved that would like to see us prove our respective points.

    If I'm wrong, please let me know. If you know of peer-reviewed articles to help teach those listening, that's basically what I'm hoping the WWB community can help me with.

    What I've said: Diet is key to weight loss. Protein, fat and carbohydrates all play an important role. What you eat will help determine what you gain or lose (fat or muscle). How much you eat will determine how much you gain or lose. Protein and fat are essential macros while carbs are not. This doesn't means carbs are evil. Eating X amount of protein will help you gain muscle as long as you're eating to gain. Protein will help reduce muscle loss when eating under maintenance calories. A good training program will help more in achieving your goals. A bad program will delay you in achieving the same goals.

    The rebuttal: Anyone that says carbohydrates are nonessential is listening to bro-science. Eating more protein is not as important and calories in to calories out. Simply eat less and train more and you will see the health benefits of weight loss.

    It was then put to me to prove my points. During the discussion I brought up the PSMF diet and again this was bro-science. I have Kyle's book but he doesn't reference anything. While I couldn't put myself though this particular diet, I wanted to point out the importance of protein.

    The discussion is happening in the real world so making sure I have information ready on my tablet is important. What's more important is if I'm wrong and need to re-read what I thought was science to back up my claims. A lot of what I know is based on experience and that of others as well as articles i've read mostly on WBB.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    When I meet people in real life I generally don't discuss nutrition or training. Unless they have a degree in biochem or something I'll just move on.

    Ask them to look up gluconeogenisis. This is the process by which the body creates carbs. If the body can make it, then it's not essential. If they can't grasp that, then move on.

    Do we have clinical data that shows people losing significant muscle on a given diet VS a control group that lost less muscle?



    This is of little relevance to non-bodybuilders.

    About the only thing we can conclusively take from existing clinical is that the calorie is king.

    From there you can only rely on common sense. We know that if you maintain on 3000 and you're eating 3000 cals and zero protein that the body is going to lose muscle and eventually die.

    For the most part bodybuilders obsess far too much about the little details. It wasn't until I stopped aiming for 5 meals per day that I was actually able to consistently lose weight.

    I was trying to "rev up" my metabolism and all I was doing was eating too much.

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