Hi guys

How the title says I'm looking for good answers for the questions I have.

I'm 16 years old and I'm currently doing an exchange-year in the USA which brought me fortunately in the world of Weightlifting and the Big Sports. Don't understand me wrong, I've always been active in several sports and also hit sometimes back in my home country the weights, but never more than a few times a month and not really coordinated. (talking about Weightlifting)

My "body facts": I'm how I said 16 years old, 5 foot 11 inch tall and weigh 160 pounds. I'm muscular, but I also have fat on belly, hips and butt which I'm not proud of. I'm a soccer-player and kicker for the High school varsity-football team, first and last year varsity-wrestler and runner (running on my own).All the seasons are over by now. I'm a really good endurance-runner, I would say in the top 5 % of my school, but since about a year I repeatedly have problems with a big Baker Cyst on my left knee-cab which does not allow me to use/burden it too much. Also my right knee has started since a few week to bother me too, which forces me to do less and less running, leg-workout.

My goals: Getting a much more muscular and stronger upper body, meaning pecs, arms, shoulders, neck and abs. Because of the Baker-Cyst I can't do much leg-work, but I would like to "stabilize" and make the knee stronger

I'm doing weightlifting now for about half a year but for only about 3-4 weeks I'm actually pushing myself and working out the right way, meaning I follow a workout schedule as possible.
I also started taking Whey Protein Shakes about 2 weeks ago. (I'll come back to that later)
When I first came to America my Bench-Max was 135 pounds, now it is 180 pounds. (But I got about a 15-pound increase within these 4 weeks I'm doing more.)

My workout in a normal week:
Monday-Thursday I have a Weightlifting class which allows you to lift active about 30 minutes. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I'm working out whenever possible after school for about 80 minutes.
Also every night before I go to bed I do 60 push-ups in one set and some abs-exercises and butt-muscle exercises.

(* means based on soreness and how much I get)

During Weightlifting-class: First jogging for 2-3 minutes, then Bench-Press reps.
-1 rep a 20 with 95 pounds
-1 rep a 15 with 115 pounds.
-1 rep a 12 with 125 pounds
-3 reps a 6-10 with 135 pounds (*)
(Between each of the reps I have a short break while my lifting-partner does the benching)

Then, depends on how much time is left, I continue with curls, sitting barbell curls and standing Dumbell curls.
- 2 reps a 12 with 20 pounds on each side (Just noticed that I don't know how much the Barbell bar weighs -.-)
- 1 rep a 15 with 15 pounds on each side
-1 rep a 5 with 25 pounds on each side OR 1-2 reps a 10 with 25 pounds-dumbell weights.

Sometimes I get also some shoulder stuff in, but that really depends on how much time is left.

After Weightlifting class I have school for about 1.5 hours more before I can return to the Weight room.
After school at Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays:

Monday: Running about 0.4 miles, then doing repeatedly Bench, Curls, Shoulders, Abs, Legpress (for my knee) active for about 60 minutes.
Tuesday: Used to run about 1.5 miles (Weight room is closed, can't lift ) But since my knee-pain gets worse and worse I can't do that at the moment
Wednesday: Same as Monday
Thursday: Same as Monday
Friday: Depends on if Weight room is open, if yes, same as Monday, if not either running or playing basketball or something else.

I'm usually sore every day from the workout the day before, most of in pecs, biceps, shoulders and abs.

As mentioned above I started taking Whey Protein about 2 weeks ago. I drink every day 20 oz. mix of milk and water with 2 1/2 scoops of "BODY FORTRESS Super Advanced WHEY ISOLATE"
I usually drink half of the 20 oz-bottle after the Weightlifting class and then the other half after the workout after school.

I try since forever to avoid much junk- and fast food, eating healthy and just don't take too much carbs to me, but it just doesn't really work. I'm trying now since about 2 weeks intentional to eat less overall and even more intentional to not to eat sweets and chocolate and so forth.
But on the other side I'm not really sure if that's all the right thing because when I work out everyday I need the energy and carbs to restore my muscles and stay healthy, and I don't really now if the Whey Protein Shake covers it all.

So, now I guess I mentioned all I wanted and I'm really sorry that it is so messy and please forgive me possible grammar-mistakes, I'm only here now for half a year :P If you read all down to here then already a big THANK YOU! and now my request on you:
Please share your thoughts about that you just read with me, give me tips what I could improve, if I'm doing the right or total wrong things, just everything you thought while you read this.

And here some more questions:

Is my workout schedule the right thing? Is it to uncoordinated, too less/much, is something missing? What could I do better?
Is the Whey Protein Shake mentioned above the best choice for me? And is it right that I take half a bottle after each workout?
Do I overwork my muscle? Do they have enough rest?
Do you have some really good tips how to fight my fat on belly, hips and butt?

I'd really appreciate some good answers of experienced Weightlifters and Bodybuilders. Thank you!

PS: IMPORTANT: I don't care at all when I have to sweat, go on my borders, being sore each day and so forth, I am a really hard worker and have the will to improve myself! Weightlifting gets more and more to my favorite hobby.

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