One of my goals is to be able to dip my own body-weight (And eventually more). I'm currently trying to cut while trying to hold onto as much muscle as possible. Before my chest/sternum started giving me a problem, I asked a trainer at the gym to watch my form. This is what he said: "Since you're going down as far as you are, you're hitting your triceps more than anything else. If you want to make it more a chest exercise, don't go down as far." Does this make sense?

Since I'm taking a break from dips, I went back to the bench and noticed that I was lifting heavier than I had ever have. I don't know if it's poor form (Will ask for someone to check form tomorrow) but I feel that my delts are giving away before my chest/tris are feeling anything (Whereas with dips, I was really feeling it in my chest). Does it sound like form issues or is it because there was less delt involvement in dips that I let this go unnoticed?