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Thread: Coach Rick Scarculla article on CrossFit Training

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    Coach Rick Scarculla article on CrossFit Training

    Coach Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage Training has been helping CrossFitters lately (including me) prepare for CrossFit competitions.

    As a side note I find it interesting how some high level coaches have started being attracted to CrossFit now that it has developed into a relatively wide spread sport. Now that there is something to win, REAL coaches, like Rick, who live eat and sleep the forging of winning athletes, have started becoming interested.

    Anyway, a recent article of his sums it up this way: "CrossFit is a strength sport that requires endurance, not an endurance sport that requires strength." (link is basically safe for work and family).

    One guy he worked with also characterized competitive CrossFit as "a strongman competition for people who aren't very strong", haha. I see where he's coming from.

    I figured the very strength oriented people on this board would find this stuff interesting.

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    "Think about this: If you get off the couch and start working out, you will be able to run a 10k race competitively long before you will be able to squat 500 or bench 400. Why? The human body will adapt to the stresses of aerobic training much more quickly than it can adapt to anaerobic stress. In other words, you will get “in shape,” so to speak, faster than you will get strong."

    This made me roll my eyes a bit. I disagree entirely- If you look at the percentage of people who lift regularly and can legitimately bench 400, I would wager it's fairly close to the percentage of people who run regularly and can do a 32-35 minute 10k. This is to say- relatively few can do either, and in both cases you need to consider that a fairly significant change in body type is needed. It also truly depends on what you view as competitive.

    The general point that CrossFit is more strength focused is absolutely true, and the recommendations are of course solid. But, let's be honest... if you're arguing that a strength athlete has a better starting point than an endurance athlete for a strength-focused event, then... well, duh.

    Anyway, good article and thanks for sharing it. Just had that one niggle!
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