Meet Report

Raw Unity 6

Well, I don't really have much to report. It was a super fast meet and it all ended in under 4 hours. The turn out was no where near as big as the past. We only had 15 total lifters. All the equipment was top notch. A big shout out to West Cary Barbell, that guy makes some kick ass equipment. Now to the important stuff...

All my warm-ups felt good and I didn't feel any hip or quad pain. I finished with 575 as my last warm-up. My form felt spot on. I did feel some pain in my right knee after my second to last warm-up. Not sure from what, but i'm good now...I think. Here is how my attempts went...

1st attempt: 622-good lift
2nd attempt: 661-good lift
3rd attempt: 672-no good

My 3rd attempt felt great walking out and not heavy at all. So I thought it was going up, boy I was wrong, lol. I have alot of work to do, something is missing and i'm going to find it.

Same thing, my warm-ups felt good and fast. I finished my warm-ups at 345. My shoulder and pec felt fine. I wish I would of opened heavier but glad I didn't, check it out...

1st attempt: 391-good lift
2nd attempt: 418-no good...WTF!
3rd attempt: 418-good lift

I have no clue what happened on my second attempt, but it wasn't moving. I came back on my 3rd and smoked it! Same thing with my squat, something is missing and I have to work on this lift hard.

The same, warm-ups went smooth and easy. I pulled 605 as my last warm-up. Here are the attempts...

1st attempt: 672-good lift
2nd attempt: 722-good lift Meet PR!
3rd attempt: 733-no good

Last attempt just wasn't in me today.

1801-Not a PR, but i'm still happy with it.

A big thanks to my wife and kids for their continued support. Thanks to Scott Weech and Scott Lamb for their help and support as well. Everyone here who supports me and pushes me, thank you!

Another big thanks to Chris Mason from AtLarge Nutrition and Ken Anderson from Anderson Powerlifting. Thanks guys!!!!

27 weeks out from my next meet, stay tuned!!!