Hey guys, its my first post here, but i have been training for 2-3years pretty solid. Pleas take the time to read this, it'll help me a ton. Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170lbs

Lifts *1RM: Beginning Now
Deadlifts 95 335
Squat 55 245
Bench 45 185
OHP 45 125

My lifts have gone up well, my bodyweight has gone up from 140lbs to 170lbs, but i am still skinny fat! I hate it. i tried cutting for a bit this month at 2200 calories, carbs/prot at 200g, and fats between 70-90g. I wanted to cut a lot, but i realized I'm skinny fat STILL and now i wanna go back to gaining weight.

I need help with a diet that i can gain healthy weight. I don't wanna gain a lot of fat and be a slob. I think one of my big problems in terms of gaining weights has been carbs, so i was gonna start eating 400-500g of carbs. Is that a bad idea?

Also, my arms never Grow! My arms now are bout 12inches - 13inches flexed. It sucks and is depressing. Any help with gaining size?

Last thing is, what routine would you suggest for gaining size? Ive been doing Layne Norton's PHAT for several months, the first 3 months i made great profess, but now i haven't made any and i know i need to switch it up.

If you need pictures of body comparison and bodyfat i can do that tomorrow if youd like. It doesn't look like ive set foot in the gym, and its embarassing.

Thanks for all the help!