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Thread: Clean foods vs Dirty foods

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    Clean foods vs Dirty foods


    My only argument with this video is, are how clean are "clean foods". Today meats are altered with steroids and feed with grain/corn, mass produced vegetables are genetically altered/treated with harmful pesticides.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Well, I don't buy that the small amounts of hormones given to cattle have any impact on humans- between low concentration and near zero oral availability, I can only WISH that any significant amount of tren given to steer got in my system. Sadly, these days they're mostly given estrogen, and in amounts so low that none of it makes it into the meat. (Certainly NOTHING compared to the isoflavones found in many vegetables).

    But I agree you make a great point- even our "clean" foods are pretty damn far from nature (one reason I think the paleo diet is so hilarious- there is NOTHING remotely "paleolithic" about eating cows and farm grown vegetables... which is probably good, given that the number two cause of death of our paleolithic ancestors was malnutrition). I have no problem with GMO foods, but I'd never claim a gigantic hothouse tomato is in any way as diverse or rich in nutrients as an old wild variety. (Though there are some GMO products out there bred to INCREASE nutrients, but that's another story).

    What I find hilarious is the distaste by which he spits out "chemicals". Everything is a damn chemical. He sort of highlights his ignorance a bit when he spits out "carageenan", "guar gum" and "xanthan gum", the former of which is really just boiled seaweed, the second is the fiber inside a type of grain seed (no different than metamucil, really), and the last of which is basically a byproduct of bacterial fermentation of sugar, really little different from making beer out of yeast.

    But anyway, all that aside, I generally see his point overall- if you're really trying to dial in details, eliminate all the variables. Things prepared in a factory and packaged to last on shelves typically have a bunch of things in them that you really don't need, so why bother consuming them? They won't hurt you, but they certainly won't help you. Personally I'd take a steak, wild rice, and fresh steamed spinach over a protein bar and bagel. No reason to throw in ten or twenty ingredients that have no real positive effect on your body!
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    From what info I've gathered the cattle gain around 100lbs the last month there alive from tren plus estrogen (most cattle implant these days have both in a dose). The reason they use tren plus estrogen is cause they don't want them to lean out, they want marbling of the meet. Well I agree to the fact of the hormone doesn't pass into the meat that we consume, but there's another way that these powerful agents can find their way into people and other animals. A substantial portion of the hormones literally passes through the cattle into their feces and ends up in the environment, where it can get into other food and drinking water.

    Caveat to the paleo diet, most people that use the paleo diet think that treats loaded with plam sugar and agave are still paleo. SMH
    I'm sure the paleolithic man consumed those types of sweeteners.


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