Felt really strong going into this meet. Left the house at 4am to head to Cincy Sunday morning. Weighed in at 274 and headed off to get some breakfast. I actually had to really work hard to bloat that high up but it worked well.

Warmups went as planned. worked up to 405 raw then took 585, 690 and 770 and was done.

Opened at 815 as planned and it went very smooth. really nothing problematic but it was good to get the opener out of the way. Took 850 on a second and again, smooth, no problems. 15lb PR.

I jumped to 900 because I felt good and wanted to roll the dice. It almost paid off lol but I couldn't quite lock it out. The weight didn't feel super heavy and it came down well enough. Just didn't have the gas.

I left the meet glad I got the PR but feeling a little bit like I left something on the platform. I'll be hitting up a meet in May where I'll try and change that.

850 Bench


900lb attempt