Hey guys - just wanted to ask a few questions about how you guys do your eggs.

First, what I do;
Every day I will have 4 or 5 large eggs - I put them in a plastic jug, add some milk, stick in the microwave for 5 minutes, then scramble it with a fork and put on a plate with some ketchup, eat as is. I imagine this will be roughly 600 kcals.

Its been recommended to me to not use the yokes as there are more calories in the yokes and the white is the important stuff.

What do you guys do? Is it quite unhealthy to be eating 4-5 yokes per day?

If so, I'm gonna move to the liquid egg whites in a carton stuff - I will still prepare scrambled egg the same way - but I hear some people use this liquid egg white in protein shakes?

How would you prepare a protein shake with egg? I use USN 100% whey protein. If I could use this to thicken up my shakes they'd be far more filling.