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As I read through this thread again, I also think you really are comparing apples and oranges with some of this. Powerlifters are concerned with one thing---one rep max. Collegiate athletes, outside of what? Shot, hammer, javalin what else? DO NOT have concern about 1 rep max. Even an offensive lineman has repeated steps coming off the lnie...The multiple rep training seems to maybe make more sense for them because their strength has to be sustained vs absolute maximal. I know that is overthinking a bit, but I am a self admitted pencil neck, and frankly if you really want to split hairs, then split them accurately.
Although I agree with some of what you said, you need to be careful about the 'which sport requires this training' mind set. Although many sports don't necessarily have that one,big,explosive movement like your track and field examples, (although if you look close enough, you might find some instances: for example a running back coming out of the backfield) one rep max can play a huge role in training. Yes, building different types of strength such as the multiple rep system can be hugely beneficial, but that doesn't mean you should disregard one rep maxes completely. In fact, I know Louie has helped numerous football athletes improve performance with his methods. As a college football player, I think a combination of both worlds is what is serving me best.

So when it comes down to it, it's whats working for you.