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Thread: Leg press vs squat?

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    Leg press vs squat?

    On my htc routine I do this 2X a week:

    Leg press
    Bi curl

    Should I swap out leg press for squat?

    Other 2X day is
    Wide grip pull ups
    Dumbbell row
    Bench press
    Shoulder press
    Tri pull downs

    My main question about about the squat but is there anything else that could use improvement with my routine?

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    You don't have to. Are you happy with your legs using leg presses?

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    Honestly I did the same workout today. I'm not on hct-12 just doing thing to rehab my back. I felt nothing doing leg press compared to squats. As long as im healthy ill never do leg press over squats.
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    The squat may or may not be a superior exercise for you depending on your body type/mechanics. Remember though, it doesn't have to be either/or, you can do both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RinkerxX View Post

    Should I swap out leg press for squat?
    Not unless you have a reason to, and I didn't see one proposed.
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