I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice..
I've been lifting consistently for the last 2years with the exception of about two months off during the holidays because of a Collapsed lung. But I'm back at it as strong as before. The problem is that before and after my injury are the same story.... I'm stuck
I'm 27 yrs old, 5'7 and 160 lbs.. I train 4 days a week on a split routine. Back and bi's / chest and tri's/ shoulders/ Legs and the forth day I do my shrugs, forearms, calves, and a few extra sets on arms. I primarily use free weights and cables.. almost no machines. 12 sets for large muscle groups and 8-10 sets for smaller. I try to switch up my program between db 's and bb's.
My 1rm as of last week.
Bench press. 250
Squats 275
preacher curls 110
db shoulder press 65 db's
deadlift 205
skull crushers 75 ez bar
.my diet isn't the best but its not horrible either. I'm getting about 2800 calories a day and 180+ gs of protein a day. Mostly chicken and fish. Lots of veggies and peanut butter too.
I drink 3shakes a day ( muscle techs carnivore) and 5 gs of creatine.
My question is why am I stuck? I'd like to put on a few more lbs before I start trying to cut for summer.. any suggestions.?
Also.. I do nothing but drop sets for a week once a month. Any help or harsh critiques are seriously appreciated.