Ok, I train alone in a shed with no safety pins or rack, so I try to be careful while benching.

Of course like everything in life somethings gonna fuck up sooner or later, abd it was sooner in my case.

Was in there going for a hard 3rd set of 235lbs(I've lost strength) for 5 reps, only 2 weeks ago I'd done 10lbs over that for sets of 5.
1st set felt kinda hard, held my breath the whole way for the second set and it felt alot better. 1st rep of the 3rd set went up unbelievably slow, got another 2 reps then bam! I wake up from a psuedo-sleep on the bench and see the weights sliding of the side of the barbell. Still dazed I finish my roll of shame and get up to say a few words of celebration for not going straight to snap city.

I don't really know how this happened. Got me completely off guard. I've been having a problem the last week or two where after the first rep my vision starts the fade to black causing instant weakness and failure of the set. I don't know what to do.

On a somewhat related note I've been making no gains in pressing the last 2 weeks. Tried everything, standard grip, close, incline paused, nothing works and I just can't progress. The last few sessions I've just been using the sane weight and actually doing worse during the next workout. HELP!