I started lifting late in life (im 27 now) entirely recreationally, and spent the past few years pissing around in the weight room, running short linear cycles with no real goal at all apart from "lift heavier". As a result im weak as all hell (110kg squat, 85kg bench, 140kg deadlift). This is entirely down to a lack of discipline on my part, and i got sufficiently fed up with it to do something constructive about it. I've hammered the gym, my diet, made everything habit to the point of it being a reflex action. I feel now im able to take training seriously and get some real results.

I hope to compete in PL at some point, regardless of my age and how late i am to the game i just want to see how far i can get on grit and determination. Maybe not very far but who knows? It'll be awesome trying.

I'd read a lot about westside, but iv avoided trying out the template as everything id read about the method was accompianied by "not for beginners". Which i guess is a fair enough statement, at such an early stage in someones training development it seems any method will bring their numbers up, and repeating the competition lifts is important to drill technique, rather than rotating (i would imagine, obviously i cant speak from experience). It never pays to be coached by the internet so i've stayed in the "safer" regions of simple linear progression.

However now i've been reading a lot of the threads on this board and i'm starting to think that the conjugate method could be applied to someone with my numbers. Am i making the classic beginner mistake of wanting to overcomplicate things, or is there some merit in considering undertaking a westside style program?

I've made some notes on the modifications i think would be appropriate for a novice, but before i even post any of that - am i going down the right path here? Is westside right for me?

Thanks to anyone who cares to chime in.