Here are the last 10 reps of the 100 reps I did on Deadlifts yesterday. It took me exactly 6 min to do them. The athletic club where I rent my office space had a challenge to do 100 reps on any of 5 lifts in the shortest amount of time using your bodyweight. The best time got $150 of their rent.

This was 205 lbs. My strategy was to do 10 sets of 10 reps with 15-30 sec rest. I knew it would be tough but the end was excruciating. Once I got to 60 reps my posterior chain was so fatigued my quads took over and by the end they were so pumped and full of latic acid I had to lay down for 5 min. My oxygen debt was very high for at least 15 min after I finished.

It was fun pushing the limits and training with all out intensity. After just 6 min it looked like I had jumped in a pool I was so drenched with sweat. Today everything from my erectors thru my glutes and down to my calves are crazy sore!