Alright, I posted before about problems I've had. The chest/sternum problem was solved by doing bench presses instead of dips. The forearm is definitely tendonitis according to my doctor. He said that I should (As was advised in the other thread) to avoid putting any strain on my left arm. He thought it was weird that it would be my left arm since I'm right-handed (Does this really matter?).

Unfortunately, the medicine in this country sucks. I have my family ship me extra-strength NSAIDS (As well as other medicine when needed). The doctor told me to take the medicine during the day if it impedes my ability to work. The thing is, it doesn't. The pain is only there in the gym and only noticeably painful when doing any kind of curl (I love hammer curls). Doing chin-ups or rows brings out a dull pain, something I can handle. By the time I'm out of the gym and on my way to work or home, the pain is not there anymore. have you guys tackled this issue? Should I be looking at a month of leg work only? Are there any full-body routines that DON'T have me using a tight grip on a bar or other piece of equipment?

Also, I'm wondering about the NSAID/protein synthesis issue I've read (A little) about. Does anyone have any decent information on this and possibly other remedies to deal with the pain in and out of the gym...although out of the gym I don't find it bothersome. In fact, if I'm out of the gym 4 days in a row, I would say I DON'T have tendonitis...until I pick up a dumbbell or barbell to curl. Then the pain hits strong.