I have been lifting regularly for about 5 or so years, and I've never really given much thought to wearing a belt. Compared to the majority of this site I'm probably not considered strong, but I am finding a bunch of back issues lately after squatting heavy (heavy for me, that is) and deadlifting. I threw a belt on during deadlifting yesterday (just a BS belt they had there) and it seemed to help but I kept blowing the damn thing open (just a velcro strap). I want to invest in a quality piece, something that won't come open on me half way through a pull. I've done some research and it seems like a 10mm will be good for me. What confuses me slightly is the size. I'd say right now my waist is about 36, and my weight fluctuates considerable. I tend to diet throughout the year and right now I have a pregnant girlfriend so dieting is just impossible (she eats EVERYTHING!). So I'm probably going to bulk for the next few months, so my waist can jump to about 38 or so, then down to around 32-34 when I decid to diet. Is there a recommended belt that'll grow-shrink with me?