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Thread: High Bar Box Squat

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    High Bar Box Squat

    Holy hell, it's been a long time since I've been in this neck of the woods!

    So, I've been lifting heavy stuff for a bit now, but one lift I'm constantly having troubles with right now is the low bar squat position. My shoulders are super tight, and in order to get the bar into the correct position I have to put my shoulders into a compromised position that also tends to make my chest collapse.

    I want to do box squats though, so I began to toy with the idea of doing high bar box squats. Now, the bar isn't really as high as it normally would be on an olympic squat, but it's still just above my scapular spine. I guess you could say it's sitting across the middle of my traps.

    Anyone have any experience doing these? I figured I could stick with these until I get flexible enough for the low bar position.

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    I always squat with the bar there. I have to put it there when I have a suit with straps up, so I just do it all the time.
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    Louie Simmons and his Westside Barbell are what popularized box squats. They all carry the bar high on their backs. Put the bar where it is comfortable and SQUAT.

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    I carry the bar really high. Because of a car accident that changed the curve of my spine I can't hold it low, but I have no problem box squatting like this.
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