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Thread: Buying chains..

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    Buying chains..

    I am planning to buy chains for my home gym. My understanding is that I want one set of smaller/long chains to go from the ground to the bar, with clamps, and then I want other sets of chains to tie to the bottom of the first set that are thicker.

    Not sure where to buy these chains. I'm hoping to be around 425/300/560 raw my next (first) meet, and I'm hoping to eventually get to about 460/330/600. I saw the recommendations for weight of chains on the EliteFTS site, but I'm slightly confused on exactly what to buy and where. Looks like I could use about 70lbs of chains.

    Do I just need a set like the one from EliteFTS and then another pair of 5/8" chains? Is there anyone cheaper to buy from? (shipping is pretty expensive)


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    You need some type of smaller chain to wrap around the ends of the barbell for squatting and benching. For pulls, you can drap the 5/8 lengths over the middle of the bar if you pull sumo or find some way to attach them to the ends for conventional. Topper supply has a metal piece that fits nicely over the barbell end and allows for carabiners to attach the 5/8 lengths.

    1 - Craigslist
    2 - Local Marinas
    3 - Local Junkyard
    4 - Tractor Supply may have them
    5 - Towing Company may have some

    You're not going to find 5/8 at Home Depot or other big boxes. They typically don't have them. You can find 3/8" for the leader here. Pick up some large carabiners too to attach the 5/8" lengths

    You can always buy cheaper 5/8" from McMaster. You can buy it by the foot and 5 foot lengths typically work well.
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