Hello All,

I have been a bench only person for quite a while. I have a few "world" records @ 181 and 165 so, i'm no stranger to hard work/training.

I have a goal now to hit 500lb bench. I'm hopeing to not get too big or weigh a lot more. I wouldn't mind hitting 200 but would want to keep it at 190.

I train 3-5 days a week. Chest/full bench/tris M, Legs Tue, Back/Bi's/lats/abs Wed, Rest Thurs, Boards/rack lock outs/heavy tris Fri. Sometimes another back day on Sat.

I have done West side barbell, 5/3/1, 6 sets of 3's, 10 sets of 2's.

I usually alternate every 2 months with West side and a variation of my own routine.

Stats are 5'8 180 benching 405-435 weekly. Decline 465. Incline 245 (never tried for much).

Diet is 60% pro 20% carb 20% fats or 40% pro 30% carb 30% fat. 3-4k calories.
3 (40-60) shakes on workout days, 2 (40-60)on off days, on creatine mono and take a mult vit.

Work outs only last about 60-90 min. I'm not that sore usually, unless I really pump it and do a good 90 min routine. I have involved some deadlifts and squats ( I went from 185 sq to 315 and no effect on bench) (I went from 225 deadlift to 405 with no effect on bench). So, now I just don't do those so much anymore.

What am I missing? I've been about the same for over a year.

I feel I have a solid workout and diet and stuck at 405-435 bench, how do I get to 500?

Thanks in advance. I know there is some expert out there to shine some light.