Do you guys do single leg training? I rarely do, but I haven't really noticed one leg being bigger than the other. Below is an interesting article and quote.

"In that case, why do single-leg work at all? Why not just squat?
That's a good question, to which I have three answers:

1. To help develop and maintain symmetry between legs since most people have a size disparity if they've been neglecting single-leg work, as there's often a tendency to favor one side slightly during bilateral work.

2. Once you get good at single-leg work and can handle heavy loads on things like Bulgarian split squats and lunges, you have the potential to overload your legs more than you can during bilateral squatting because you don't have to contend with the lower back being the limiting factor. Greater overload in turn leads to potentially more growth.

3. Single-leg work allows you to train your legs more frequently because it doesn't tax the system as much since the overall loads are lower. Greater frequency in turn leads to potentially more growth.

That's not to say you shouldn't squat or do any other bilateral lower body work too it means you shouldn't just squat and do bilateral lower body work exclusively because you'd be squandering some potential leg growth. Mixing heavy split squats and lunges with bilateral squatting variations would likely yield the best results."