So with the spring/summer approaching and the end of my winter bulk (+25#'s over the winter) coming to an end I'm starting to get ready to cut, and want to try doing a carb nite cut (first time) to maintain as much muscle as possible. My question is what are my meals/foods going to be looking like during the week. I'll list what I think I'll be eating and if you see something missing or if you know some tips and tricks that would help me out that would be great. favorite low carb meals/foods ect.

Protein shakes (probably will have to throw an extra one in while cutting on top of already having one in the morning and after my workout)
meats - chicken, beef, pork, fish
Cheese - low fat
Nuts - almonds/peanuts
vegetables - I could use some insight in which would be best
yogurt - low-fat greek no fruit
fruit - NONE

I currently use RESULTS which I'm guessing I will have to drop from my diet? (50g carbs) and switch to just plain creatine?

Thanks in advance.