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Thread: A question of symmetry...

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    A question of symmetry...

    This probably doesn't apply to us smaller guys, who just need to get bigger all over, but I've heard a lot of big guys say that certain muscle groups can never be too big, as far as symmetry goes. Generally, this applies to medial deltoids and lats, although I guess the argument could be made for forearms and calves as well(you aren't likely to get forearms that are too big for your upper arms, or calves too big for your thighs). Often, these same guys throw in extra work for medial delts and lats for this reason. What do you guys think? Can these muscle groups get too big, or should everyone just work the hell out of them?

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    Put it this way, you would be hard pressed to make them too big relative to the rest of you.

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    If you are natural, nothing is ever going to get too big. Look at any pro natty BBer, do any of their physiques look like they have parts that are too big and throwing off their symmetry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearFactory View Post
    nothing is ever going to get too big.
    That's what she said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex.V View Post
    That's what she said.

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    I also agree with with what Chris and what others have said.

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