So during my heavy set of benching yesterday something in my upper pec (right by my shoulder) popped about 20 times in less than 2 seconds. Spotter grabbed the bar and of course my pec was immediately sore.

This morning I've got some slight brusing on my bicep and my upper pec is swolen. Not terrible but not great, not much pain just feels extremely tight. Anyone have this happen, from looking around online it could be a tear but judging from my pain levels it's probably a bad pull / sprain.

I'm currently seeing a physical therapist for my knee (which is getting better, just inflamed cartilage) so I will be seeing him about my pec at the next session. Just curious is anyone has any advice for handling this and / or rehabbing it?

Will lax ball mashing, stretching, and ice be a good idea? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.