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Thread: The weak link in my life: Bench Press

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    The weak link in my life: Bench Press

    First, apologies if this is a question that isn't easily answered. I've been trying to figure it out. Also, I know I was suppose to get video of my lift but I haven't had time yet.

    I had a trainer look at my lift. I was apparently lifting with my shoulders raised (Not off the bench but up towards my head.) and I wasn't lifting straight up and down, I was lifting diagonally to a degree. I've been practicing with better form and lighter loads.

    Yesterday, I was back to my regular weight. I lifted and 'felt' like my chest could lift for the last rep, but something was keeping me from getting it all the way to the top of the ROM. I'm not sure if that's just the way it is or if I have a weak link, a muscle, that needs more attention.

    Is there a means to finding the weak link? Or is this just something that you eventually break through with more benching?
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    Well considering your chest felt good on the last rep id say it
    could be your triceps. Your triceps are activated more than
    your chest is during the lift anyways. If youre not doing some hard
    supplementary tricep moves you should add that in.

    Dips, skull crushers and such should help strengthen your tris.
    the stronger your triceps the more you will bench.
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    Without a video its hard for us to help you. I would like to see the entire set up. I want to see how you elbows come down. So I pretty much want to see you lift is what I'm saying. Also, from what you described it sounds like your tricep is you weak point, but like i said we need a video.

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    Dips AKA Tricep Killers!

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    Your description sounds like you need to strengthen your triceps. It is always good to attack the specific concern, so doing lockout work going down to the portion of the ROM where you start to stick is a good idea.

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