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Thread: Biggest bulk you have managed in shortest time?

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    Biggest bulk you have managed in shortest time?

    Hello I was just wondering how many lbs you have been able to gain in how many days.

    this is a lot harder then i thought it would be.. trying to regain some weight share your experiences

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    30 lbs in about 6 months. And it wasn't pretty at the end. Very fast weight gain always leads to excessive fat unless you're untrained and are just starting out.

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    143-185 in one year. Of course, that was me starting out severely underweight.
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    180-210 in about 5 months with minimal bodyfat gains. That was after I took almost a full year off from training. In that year off I lost a lot of weight and strength. My body just exploded when I got back into training. A lot of people suspected that I was hitting the juice because of how quickly my weight and strength was coming back. "Come on Kris, tell me what you are taking, I promise I wont tell anyone", I heard something along those lines just about every week.
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    185-225 in 5 months
    Bench: 350
    Squat: 475
    Dead: 500

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    200 to 270 in 5 months. mostly fat, i would estimate 40%, still got strong though. its been 5.5 years now, i'm 265 and in the low 20% bf and going lower. Strength has always been going up, diet and body comp was always less of a priority, now body comp is number one priority right along with strength.

    Edit: don't do what I did.
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    Ontario, CANADA !
    25lbs in 3 months. Had to force myself to eat constantly. It can be real Hard work.
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    Total: 920 hahaha Not quite a 1000lbs (This was done back in 2008 )

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    I went from 140 to 210 in a little over a year when I was in high school.
    Best lifts: 615/475/660, Raw w/ Wraps

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    Very fast excess weight always results in extreme fat unless you're inexperienced and are just beginning out.

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    A friend of mine just gained 30lbs in 5 weeks but he got fat

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    141 to 185 lbs in about 6 mnths.
    First Bulk pics VS Starting pics, take a look!!

    Progress pics of a cut using bodyweight only movements

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    IMO you should be less concerned about over all weight and more concerned with how you look in the mirror. Getting to 22 percent body fat isn't fun and isn't fun coming off.

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