Need some input here. I just had my meet this weekend and things did not go as planned.

I made a goal to go to 242 and break the USAPL AMerican total record. Long story short I went from 274 to 251 over a 12 week period. This went great and I actually PRed each week at my lowest body weight. I then went zero carb and waterloaded for 4 days and arrived at the meet at 246.5

I had two choices. Just roll as a very light 275er or hit the sauna. I dont like making goals then quititng on them so I ended up sitting in the sauna for an hour and made weight an hour before the meet started.

I knew my chances at the record were blown when I hit my last opener in the squat and felt like I was going to fall over. I ended up missing a bunch of attempts and falling short tof my goal around 80 lbs. I lowered all my openers and just focused on finishing the meet to qualify for Raw nationals.

So heres my question. Does any one just say screw it with weight classes and just lift where theyre body weight sits. It will take a different mind set for me but I leaning this way. I have always focused on a weight class when competing and I think I have the shits of it. In the past year I have weighted as light as 231 and as heavy as 274 lifting according to what weight class I entered in. Im contemplating just living in the low 250s and competing as light 275er. It may cost me a placing or two at the big meets but I think Ill be stronger in the long run and happier.

Any thoughts guys. As a former fat dude I had in my head that making the 242 class would make me officically "healthy and no longer a fat ass". Ive made 242.5 now a good bit but now it just seems trivial to define health by a weight class.

Im curious what you guys think that may be in the same boat as me.