First, let me say this:

Its too late for me to make any major changes. So while I will take any criticism you give me, if you advise me to switch suits, double my stance, completely change something, that's not possible. I'm really just hoping for small tips/pointers to get a little bit better for the meet.

Also, I recognize that most of ya'll are not fond of wearing olympic lifting shoes for squats, especially geared ones. Yes my knees travel, but I like it.

Other than that, please tear me as big of a new one as you can.

Here are the squats, from oldest to newest for this meet

I think depth has gotten consistently better. I don't like how my hips are never really locked, any tips on how to fix that?

Here are the benches

I think I'm touching too high. The damn shirt stretched out so fast. I went from not being able to touch 465 to 440 feeling like a raw bench in 4 weeks.

And here are the deads

They are by leaps and bounds my worst lift (seriously I might squat 200lbs more than I can deadlift in the USAPL). I don't know what I can do to get my back any tighter

I realize that this is a lot of video, so I can't expect anyone to watch all of it. Thanks for any advice ya'll give.