Hey guys,

I wasn't sure where I should post this so feel free to move if necessary. I was curious if anyone here had ever gone through such a dramatic change with their body that they had either a funny or very interesting encounter with people that they hadn't seen in a while?

For me, I had dropped about 70 pounds and then started weight lifting in the three years that I hadn't seen most of my old class mates after graduating from high school. I remember I went to a house party one summer, and I came across this kid who I had been aquainted with since the first grade and he says, "Wow man, you must have a twin out there. You look like an old friend of mine I went to school with named Rick (insert last name)". I stood there.... completely stunned. I told him that I was in fact the kid that he mentioned and he couldnt believe it. All night old friends were doing the same thing when they saw me and kept congratulating me on my success. My body composition had changed so much that people barely recognized me anymore.

Anyone else got any cool stories to share?