It's something that you run into a LOT in athletics. From the highschool to college and pro level you consistently run into guys trying (largely in vain) to perform power cleans, snatches and what have you.

Where did this trend come from?

There is no denying that oly lifters are explosive. With that said though when they get to the point where they are that explosive they have spent a very long time learning the technical aspects of the movement and are extremely proficient.

In relation to athletics, for some reason olympic lifts are often held as the gold standard in strength assessment with athletes who only have a very basic knowledge of the movements yet are trying to perform them with weights that are far beyond their skill level because they want to impress their coach.

Too add on top of that, the performance just does not add up. I've seen it time after time. Athletes who spend their time focused on oly lifting consistently get out performed both in strength increase as well as speed increase on the field and injury prevention. It's not even close.

So why are olympic lifts continually put out there as such a beloved aspect of strength and conditioning in sports??