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    Crossfit Strength Bias

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted on here since I don't spend much time online these days. I know some strong, experienced guys are on this site so I just wanted some opinions. Having a decent amount of knowledge I usually don't ask "program questions" but this Crossfit stuff is still new for me.

    My training was getting pretty stale and my conditioning was horrible for what I look like so I've been doing some Crossfit workouts the last few months which has improved my conditioning and kept me interested. Now, my strength is average at best so I was searching around for something to follow that had some structure to it and came across Crossfit Strength Bias which has more strength work than just the regular wod's.

    Here is a template of the programming..
    Day 1- Back Squat 3x5 or 5x3, Metcon less than 15mins.
    Day 2- Dead Lift 3x5 or 5x3, 15-12-9 or 12-9-6, Metcon less than 10mins.
    Day 3- Rest
    Day 4- Metcon 20mins or less.
    Day 5- Front Squat 3x5 or 5x3, back squat 1x15-20, Metcon less than 10mins.
    Day 6- Overhead Press 3x5 or 5x3, 12-9-6 or 15-12-9, Metcon 20mins or less.
    Day 7- Rest

    The 3x5 and 5x3 sets are ramping sets and the 15-12-9 style sets are with the same weight, 1 min between sets.

    My first main concern/question is having the DL's the day after squats. I've always spaced these out 2-3 days apart just to get the posterior chain enough recovery. Any thoughts on this if anyone has done something similar?

    I know I didn't list any metcons but does this just look like too much volume plain and simple?

    I've been working out pretty consistent for about 6 years now.
    Stats are..
    5'11'' 190lbs approx 10% bf
    Squat 275x5 (close stance, high bar)
    Front Squat 155x5 (pretty new to these, slowly working up)
    Bench 225x5
    Dead Lift 335x5
    5k run 23mins
    Strict Pull Ups 15
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