Most of us started out doing something much different than what we are currently doing. As our lifting progressed so did our training.

Myself I was pretty much doing a bodybuilding routine when I decided to enter my first powerlifting meet. I had pretty much done bodybuilding type stuff since I was 12 and did my first meet when I was 20.

After my first meet I tried a couple russian routines that were ok but got me into some trouble injury wise. Did this for about 6 months.

I then trained with a couple of guys who were kinda doing a Westside routine but not really. Followed this group for about 4-5 months before I ended up at Westside Barbell where I've been since.

Goofing around on my own got me to a 365 raw bench at 198. I had messed around in a single ply shirt and was at about 470 but I'd pretty much hit a wall. I was definitely frustrated by the time I met Louie.

So what have you guys done? How has it worked for you?