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Thread: Question about barbells

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    Question about barbells

    The barbell I use right now is a womens olympic bar(lol).

    I know the bar weighs 15kg/33lbs instead of the standard 20kg/44lbs bar.

    I just thought maybe there is some other differences between the bars. The women's bar is shorter, but is it different in terms of flexibility or anything else.

    Which leads to to my next point. What are the different bars available? I mean just the straight barbells. I keep hearing about eleiko, texas, oakie bars and all that but don't know how they differ from one another.

    I see loads of YouTube videos of bouncing bars that bend alot. Is this to do with the actual bar or are they simply not pretending(because the bar is bending)?
    The only lift I'm proud of at this point is a close stance, ass to grass zercher squat of 170kg x2 at 85kg bw. If only they held zercher squat competitions...

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    Lots of different types of bars out there and different levels of quality.

    Check out Rogue Fitness they carry a whole bunch of different type of bars--ones for oly lifting, ones for the various powerlifts and all around bars.

    Basically an oly bar will have more whip too it and having good rotating collars to help with cleans and snatches. It has a lot of energy in the bar to help it keep moving dynamically.

    Powerlifting bars for the bench and squat are usually stiffer and have less bend, having less whip keeps the bar locked in place since the power lifts rely less on explosive movement compared to the oly lifts (I'm using the term explosive loosely).

    The deadlift can use either a stiff bar, but having some whip or bend can shorten the ROM allowing more weight.

    If you do mainly bodybuilding and powerlifting stiffer power bars are good for all around use. For the more elite, they prefer various bars for each lift.

    If you do a lot of power lifts/body building but some oly work, then you might want a less stiff bar but not one with a lot of whip. The Rogue Bar is a pretty good all round bar.

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    The womens Olympic bar will have a LOT more whip to it than a mens Olympic bar. Mens are 28mm thick, womens 25mm... thats pretty huge. If you are serious about weightlifting i'd get off that womens bar ASAP, as you will be in for quite a shock going to a real bar if you've gotten used to it.

    Rogue makes decent bars. Our gym has the green 'Operator' bar... a lower priced PL/OL bar with both sets ov rings (PL rings are not quite in the right spot however). Its a 28mm bar, whips like an Ivanko OBX (another very good powerlifting bar) and doesn't spin too terribly. I've tried other Rogue bars and did not like them at all. If you are serious, get a real bar. You WONT regret it. If you are really serious, get the best bar you can afford. Pendlay makes very good entry level bars, starting at $360, some nicer bearing bars at $550, and anything beyond that you buy Eleiko... period. They'll start at $800ish, and are near impossible to find used.

    For powerlifting, keep in mind the IPF uses ONE bar for all three lifts... typically a 29mm Eleiko PL bar, or similar. Pretty much just a nicer power bar. If you lift in other feds, then you have a different bar for all three lifts. Unless you lift in a serious PL gym, you'll be unlikely to find all three different PL bars, so using a basic power bar will cover your bases.

    I train on an Ivanko OBX-20... which used to be the go-to barbell for the IPF. I like it a lot. Its about a $500 bar. Whippy for squats and deads (good), and i dont bench enough weight for it to whip on bench (which would be bad).

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