Just wondering what people's thoughts were on adjusting speed work from the traditional Westside model (roughly 50-60% plus accomodating resistance) to address either ones weakness or sport. Seems like some folks have been doing less accomdating resistance or getting rid of box squats.

Some ideas out there:

If you are a raw lifter consider or weak at the bottom of your lifts:
Pause squats then explode up
Pause benches
Heavier %'s but no accomodating resistance

If you are weak at the top:
Use more accomodating resistance

If you want mass:
Use higher reps say 5's

Would it be OK to do 6-8 sets with accomodating resistance then drop the bands/chains and up the weights for a few sets?

OR is it better to focus the accessory work and ME work on the weaknesses and keep the basic speed model?