How do you guys warm up for bench training?

When I first started I'd really not do anything. As time went on though I slowly accumulated more bodily abuse that I needed to take care of to prevent a serious injury.

I usually start with some internal and external rotation stretching for about 5-10minutes, then move on to indian club swings for about 2min, some light pushdowns for a set of 30 and sometimes lacrosseball massage on the shoulders and forearms.

I'm training early in the morning as well which makes a difference. I haven't been moving around all day, rather I've been sitting in my truck for 2hrs driving and I'm usually stiff.

This stuff has greatly alleviated a lot of injuries during training. My shoulders feel good most days, elbows feel good etc. But it's boring and sometimes I like to change it up so I'm interested in seeing what you all do.