I know this is a touchy subject. I haven't really noticed it discussed here, so I'd like to ask, how prevalent is steroid use in powerlifting? Steroids have always intrigued me, I've done a lot of research into how it's done, what the dangers are, etc, but most of what I've read has to do with the bodybuilding world. What about on the heavy lifting side? Are a lot of guys "on"? No I don't want anyone to chime in and say "I'm using such and such", just curious as to what you guys have seen.

I have thought about doing a test only cycle a few times in my life. In the end I opted not to, simply because I couldn't justify it. I've never been at my natural potential size or strength wise, I never have a proper diet for it, and frankly I'm just not a good candidate. I will say this though, when my test levels start to get low, I will do a trt level injection. Low test scares me.