I started the HCT-12 routine these are the workouts I picked are they alright?

Routine 1
Dumbbell Row
Pec Deck
shoulder press
tricep pulldown

Routine 2
Leg Press machine
calf raises
curl machine
weight crunches on machine

Alternate these each week so doing 1,2,1 then 2,1,2. Are these good excercises? I picked mostly machines because I have had surgery on my shoulder.

I also wanted to know when ramping is it essential to do all the feel and work sets? I have been doing the bar or light weight to get a feel then moving up to about 50%,60%,70%, then max that I can do 6 times, break 2,2,2?

Also awesome sale I just bought Nitrean+ for the first time since it's now cheaper then what I was currently buying!