My doc prescribed 125mg of test per week. This didn't seem to raise much of my low testosterone levels. He then prescribed 250mg per week. This raised it, but no beyond what was normal.

I live in a country where steroids are legal, but not really used. My doctor is informed but only as far as the blood tests are concerned. I've always had a good level of good cholesterol. At some point my good cholesterol went down to below the minimum 40. I'm at 30-35 per test. My bad cholesterol is also pretty low and so he says it all works out OK.

I took 3 months off, Clomid only, tried to see what my testosterone levels would be. Went back with a score of 90 (Average being 400-700). Felt lazy, unmotivated. Sex drive was there, focus was there too. Didn't see any drastic changes in body composition, but I'm fat so I can't really look in the mirror and say much.

That said, when I went off the TRT my blood sugar went up into the diabetic range. Once on again and properly motivated at the gym (I was working out but not as hard) all has dropped into the normal range.

Do some people just need more? Anyone have any advice on particular tests I could have done? I've had my heart, liver, kidneys all tested, all are working perfectly. I had an MRI done just in case, all is clear. I have a brain, clean, no problems. Right now it's just that low good cholesterol score that's been bugging me.

My cardiologist (Another doc I see from time to time) says "You can't worry about the little things. You're never gonna get it so that everything is perfect and even if you do, it normally won't last." And for some reason that just doesn't click with me...maybe I need a kick in the arse from someone on this forum.

I've lost 10kgs since February. I'd like to think mostly BF since I've been able to maintain or increase physical strength...but again, I'm too fat to really know from a look in the mirror.

ETA: It seems that alcohol helps to a certain degree with blood sugar levels. I've seen some of my lowest scores come after a night of even light drinking (Which I try to avoid but due to cultural circumstances I can't).

I'm thinking of asking my doctor to split my T-shots into 2...not sure if there is any advantage to that or not. I'd like to get my good cholesterol up, been taking 6 pills of fish oil a day plus the regular advice online for raising those levels. Not sure what else I can do. Everything else being normal, am I being too picky?

Any advice recommended about anything I just said. Always looking for a new look on things. Doctors CAN be wrong, CAN be right...luckily my doctors listen to what I have to say, so any advice I get here I can bring it to my doctors...tests, recommendations, etc.