So about 5 weeks ago I started to cut my cals by about 100-200 per week and slowly work more cardio in (as to not just jump right off too deep at the start). This will be my 2nd cut, but first cut actually trying to pay attention to calories of what I'm eating (first cut last summer went badly, lost too much muscle). Started my cut at 214/215# currently weigh 211/212#, I'm 6'3", guessing around 13-15% body fat from bulking. I do 5/3/1 method for weightlifting and still have made gains over the last couple weeks with dieting down.

One thing I'm worried about is my sugar intake during the day (wondering if I need to take out my gatorade at lunch).

Here is what my diet looked like yesterday

This week I made pork tenderloin but 90% of the time I usually am eating grilled chicken, and I also like to eat eggs before bed time if calories allow it.

Other supps - multi, fish oil, RESULTS

I'm a production and quality manager at a family company so eating at work is VERY hard with being on the floor 95% of my day so a majority of my eating comes after work (4pm) if I can't fit it in during the day.

Thanks in advance for any replies.