I sure hope someone reads all this...

For those pushing a raw 500, or maybe double bodyweight in the higher weight classes, i have a question.

I've historically done a LOT ov assistance for my bench... like two consecutive days pretty much (bench + heavy bench assist + pecs day 1, bench-specific upper back and arms day 2). Done this for the better part ov a decade, and its served me VERY well. I think my bench is decent now, but i've had to put on a solid 60lbs ov LBM to combat my leverage disadvantage (long-ass arms).

Recently, due to mostly other gym stuff non-bench related, i've developed a few nagging tweaks, nags and injuries that make doing my usual assistance difficult or at times even impossible. Wrists, elbows and most recently, a tricep pull. Training triceps the last month has been miserable, WHEN i can even do it. Tonight i was able to do 50lb pressdowns for sets ov 20, usually its closer to 300lbs (not for 20).

My bench has been going up. This, to me at least, was predictable. After years ov brutal assistance volume and intensity, laying right off has let my bench take off. I'm just wondering, how long will this last? Can i not maintain, but continue to build my bench without any real arm work? My goal for 2013 was another 35lbs on the bench, which looks VERY doable. But without hitting the good tricep movements? (JM's, skullcrushers, DB extension, heavy press-downs, dips, etc.)

Anyone here make big gains JUST doing bench and say one big bench assistance (incline bench, DB's, press, close-grip, boards, etc.) then leave?

I just feel so goddamn lazy skipping out on all the stuff that made my bench gain so madly in the first place.