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Thread: Let's talk BACK

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    Let's talk BACK

    I'm curious as to what the opinions on back training are here. What are your favorite back exercises? What's worked best for you? What rep ranges are most effective? Feel free to post your favorite back program, I'd be interested to see what people have to say.

    As for me, pullups have never really done the trick for lats. The Hammer Strength iso-lateral pulldown, with moderately high reps, is the best lat exercise I've found. For the rest of the back, t-bar rows and rack pulls have given me the best results in the past.

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    Most of the stuff you mentioned but one of my new favorites lately is doing rack pulls from knee height but with a wide snatch grip. The wide snatch grip forces me to fully contract my lats before even moving the bar (basically it looks like your doing a lat spread), I do 3 sets of this a little after deads for 6-8 reps with moderate weight. Has put on a lot of thickness on my back in a very short amount of time.

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    The snatch grip variation sounds like an interesting way to activate the lats, I'll have to give it a try. Anyone else?

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    I do heavy deadlifts in many variations all the time, but I would say 90% of the rest of my back training for the past few years has been Overhand or neutral grip chins and CSR's. I think those 3 things will pretty much cover everything.
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    Back is one of my strongest points (note - avi is about 2 years old), and I really don't do anything special for it. I only hit it once a week, and besides deadlifts I really only do 1 or 2 accessory exercises. I put a ton of mass on my lats doing nothing but wide grip pulldowns for a couple years. Lately I've been doing bent over rows. I'll also do some low/close grip rows once in a while.

    I would say the majority of my thickness/mass is simply from dead lifting. I pull conventional so that probably makes a pretty big difference.
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    My upper back was at its best when I could do wide grip chins (behind the neck) and would follow that with t-bar or chest supported rows and then some sort of high cable row.

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    For lats the good old Nautilus Pullover or a bastardized variant like closegrip/reverse grip lat pulldowns seem to hit it hard.

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    There is a great routine up here called Baby Got Back. I stayed on that for most of 2012, and it really did bring up my back.

    My Back Day currently looks like this:
    Chinups (palms toward face) 5 x max
    1 Arm DB Rows (as heavy as possible): 3x12
    T-Bar Rows: 5x10
    Cross Face Hammer Curls 3x10
    Standing EZ Bar Curls: 2 x max
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    Apart from the obvious one the deadlift and it's variations(snatch grip, romanian) I like to do all kinds of rows.

    Close grip underhand rows with 3x3, 3x4, 3x5 or 4x5 rep range.

    T Bar rows with 3x5 or 3x6

    Pendlay rows I've tried going for sets of 3 but the weight just breaks down form so I like to do 3x5

    Yesterday I added a new row variation: Close grip Pendlay rows on mats. Feeling it in upper back on lats. This will be a mainstay in my back arsenal. 4x5 here for some volume.

    Still weak tho so none of this probably matters.
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    Chin ups of all grips, reps between 4-10 depending on cycle of week. Same goes for barbell rows.

    Single leg or regular db arc rows.
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    Deadlifts. BB Rows. Reps usually 3-8.
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    I would try and hit the back from as many angles as possible. I try to think about retraction and pronation of the scapula with all my back movements.

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    I generally train higher reps with back exercises. It's one of my favourite bodyparts to train so I like to use a lot of variety. Seated cable rows, lat pulldowns, chins and BB rows (all done with varying grips) are staples in my training.

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    Since I workout at home, one of my favorite exercises to do are weighted pull ups. I do 3 sets of 10, using different hand positions for each set.

    I simply use a backpack with 15kgs and a door pull up bar.

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