Ive been leaning out for the last 2 months and lost quite a lot of fat which I had gained when i was out of the gym for 6-7 months. Now i want a much more hardcore regime for the last 8 weeks before summer. I am 82kg around 15% BF, looking to drop down to around 10%. Please help with my diet, I cant seem to get enough protein and have too many carbs!?

10am - Porridge with skimmed milk, multi vit, 5g BCAA, 1 cap fish oil

1pm - 4 egg whites 1 yolk, 2 slice wholemeal bread

4pm - Isolate whey protein shake, 25g maltodextrin

6.30pm - 1 medium sweet potato OR 60g instant oat shake in skimmed milk

8pm - Workout

10pm - PWO whey shake, 5g BCAA, 25g maltodextrin

12.30am - Medium sized grilled chicken breast, 1 cup brown pasta/brown rice, 1 cap fish oil

This diets macros (excl. fish oil caps) :

1,471 cals

34.1g fats

170.3g carbs

125.8g protein

What needs to be changed? I have just started to seriously look at my diet because fat loss has slowed right down.