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Thread: Trying to cut down a bit

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    Trying to cut down a bit

    My whole life I've had trouble gaining weight and therefore never paid attention to what I eat. I'm at a point now where I feel like I have a ton of visceral fat because of how my gut sticks out when I'm fully relaxed, but I'm a little soft on the outside too.

    I've been drinking a small shake in the morning, a bigger one at lunch, a small one PWO, and a big one again before bed. Because my metabolism is still fast, I decided to cut out the shake before bed since it makes me feel like any way. I figured it's mostly just turning into fat anyway, 800 calories and then sleep seems like a bit much.

    So lately I've been working out, going for a quick 5 mile bike ride for cardio, and then coming home and drinking my PWO shake. This is around 9:30-10pm, I usually go to bed at 1am and would have my larger shake at midnight. Is this a decent order to do things, and what can I eat before bed so I don't necessarily have nothing for my body to work with, but not an excess that stores as fat over time?

    Very noobish questions but like I said, I've never had to think about it before.
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    What kind of shakes are you drinking at night? Fat, calories, sugar?


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