Hey all. Not looking for clinical diagnosis here or anything, but I'm curious who else has dealt with this. Ever since roughly around the time I started powerlifting (6 years ago), I get high serum creatinine levels in my blood tests (usually around 1.5 mg/DL, but it varies a bit). Of course, docs see that and 'OMG you're in stage I kidney failure'. Years ago I was sent to the nephrologist - did the clearance test (where you pee in a jug all day), and my clearance was fine. About six months ago, my sports medicine doc had me do the jug-of-pee test again. The clearance level was normal, again, but the serum and urine levels were high (which I think shouldn't mean anything if the clearance level is correct). But he wanted me to see a nephrologist.... I said no.

I just had to switch to a new doc and got a high serum creatinine level and now she is insisting I see a nephrologist. So I'm going to go, AGAIN. BUN levels are normal...everything else is normal. I read once that bodybuilders tend to have creatinine levels around 1.3 (and powerlifting definitely breaks down a lot more muscle tissue, which is the source of creatinine in the blood) so I'd imagine powerlifters have even higher levels.

Has anyone else had to deal with this crap? Any other powerlifters get high levels...and doc's that don't understand the relationship of creatinine levels with powerlifting?