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Thread: The Best Pre Workout Supplement of 2013

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    The Best Pre Workout Supplement of 2013

    I've personally taken more pre workout supplements than I can count and few really work well.

    What I want in a pre workout supp:

    1. Serious consistent energy. Not just 'i had a cup of coffee energy', energy that really gets u going!

    2. Focus. With a million thoughts running through my head, i want to block out 999,999 of those thoughts and just focus on my current set.

    3. Pump. Veins bulging and noticeable increase in size during your workout routine.

    4. No crash! No matter how good a pwo is, if it makes u crash then it's not worth it.

    So with the above, my favorite pre workouts currently are bullnox andorush and craze. I still love C4 too, but craze and bullnox give u no jitters. The pump that bullnox gives u is amazing. And the clean consistent energy craze gives u is just as good!

    A great top 10 list of the best pre workout supplements of 2013:

    What is your favorite and why?
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    The thing about pre workout supplements is that not all are created equal and I can tell that you know little about them or about bodybuilding in general.

    1. Pre workout supplements are not suppose to be the solution for energy. Diet is.
    2. Focus comes from within, not in a bottle.
    3. You get a pump from physical activity, not out of a bottle.
    4. No crash is a myth, perpetuated by supplement companies and newbie wanna-be's such as yourself.

    C4 has less stimulants that both of those supplements, so the jitters would be more prevalent in them, not C4. Of course if you really used any of them you would know the difference.

    As far as which is the best, its a matter of preference, tolerance, diet, workout, and goals.

    A better top ten list of best pre workout supplements of 2013:

    Try to learn something...

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    C4 Extreme is not as stim heavy as CRAZE and Androrush, so why did it give you jitters?

    Here's another good list of pre workouts:

    I like Assault and Neurocore. I want to try Juggernaut HP cause ive heard some good things about it, but im staying clean right now for at least another 2 weeks.

    I enjoy them, but the stimulants are sometimes to hard on my system. - Comprehensive pre workout reviews
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