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    Pete's Training Journal

    Doing a meet in October (17th Annual RPS Power Challenge October 12-13)...thought I'd start a journal leading up to the meet.

    I havent checked my weight in a few weeks, but Im guessing im around 215# (6'-1"). I'm definitely more of a bench guy, but my deadlift isnt that embarrassing, squat is lower than my deadlift.

    I currently train using Westside Method.

    This is my current split:
    Monday DE bench
    Tuesday ME lower
    Wednesday Rest
    Thursday ME bench
    Friday DE lower
    Weekend rest

    This will be my first meet...Current gym PRs: Squat 405 - Bench 350 - Deadlift 500.

    I will post stuff back since the begining of the year.

    1/1/2013 Tuesday Max Effort Lower

    Reverse Strong Band Conventional Deadlift from 2 Plates

    315x1, 405x1, 495x1, 560x1, 365x12, GHR BWx5x5 - Incline sit-ups BWx10x3 - Quad extensions 50x30/20/10/10/20/30.
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    Gym PRs (Unequipped): Squat 405 Bench 350 (@225 BW) DL 500
    My training journal:

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