I just moved to a new town with my new wife which means training at a new gym, "the rush". I'd never trained in a commercial gym much at all and it was never busy but this was monday night, national bench and curl day apparently. 50+ people on benches and the db rack but the squat rack was open. What followed was pretty out there for me. I"ll copy from my training log.

squats - walked out
up to to 405x3
belt on
500x3 gym was very busy and people actually stopped to watch...
wraps on
545x3 more people watched more intently....
585x2 took all my reps extra deep today. literally had people high 5ing me i'd never met before after this set. I was pretty shocked and didn't really know what to do.

It was one of the strangest things i'd ever had happen to me in or outside of the gym. It wasn't even a special day in our training, more of a make up day. People just kept coming up to me and my new wife (she squatted 225 for 6x9) and giving high 5's and praise. Apparently they'd never seen 2 people squat to depth before since most of the comments consisted of "you guys go so low!"