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Thread: First powerlifting competition completed!

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    First powerlifting competition completed!

    Just a local meet, but my first one.

    350SQ 270BE 550DL @ 210#

    Best gym lifts are 365SQ 255BE (with pause) 585DL

    Had never done all 3 lifts back to back before, DL was a disappointment but the squat took a lot out of me.

    Lot of fun, can't wait till the next one!

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    Awesome. I bombed my first two meets so dont be too dissapointed. Nice work.
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    Bench: 525
    Deadlift: 755
    Total: Raw with wraps: 2000. with out wraps: 1925

    Best lifts Equipped
    1050, 840, 715. Total: 2605

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    Shit, don't be disappointed, that's a big deadlift!! Great job!
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    Congrats bro! I would love to do those numbers next month at my first competition. But that's just wishful thinking. hahahaha
    Either way, nice job on your first. Keep it up!

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    Thanks all for the words of encouragement.

    I've had a few people mention and ask what's going on with my squat vs deadlift ratio.

    Only thing I can draw from it is that I have pretty tight iliopsoas' so I have a tendency of squatting and deadlifting with my quads primarily.

    When I try and drive through my heels I have no power whatsoever, especially with heavy squats I really start to ride up on my toes. I pay for it the next day with the squats as my knees ache, no problems with deadlifts though (I deadllift with a very rounded lower back due to the iliopsoas tightness too)

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    Nice work!

    You don't want to keep pulling with a rounded lower back. That will lead to no good... Take a video of you squatting with correct form with a relatively light weight. If you can get into position properly it isn't a tightness issue, it is a strength issue. You have likely been squatting improperly so long you just have a major strength imbalance.

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    Thanks -- I will do that.

    Have my first strongman competition tomorrow, competing in the novice division. Stoked!

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