Carbs are not the enemy people. If it were as simple as just drastically reducing carbs to get lean then why don't many stay that way? Becasue what they are doing isn't sustainable long term. Yes you can drop carbs and lose fat, but guess what when you start eating them again after you have lost the fat guess what may happen, a nice big rebound effect and fat gain.

If you want long term results you have to have a nutrition plan that serves 2 main purposes. 1) fuel the body with enough nutrients to properly function 2) Be sustainable long term. Its not just about carbs, it comes down to the right balance of macros for the INDIVIDUAL, not just one macronutrient. I have way more clients that perform better and stay leaner with a carb based diet than I do with a fat based ones (I do have some that function better with fat than carbs). Now I'm not saying you don't need fats because they are essential, you just need enough to serve the body's functions. You need enough carbs to fuel the body and spare your protein for muscle repair.

Its all about balance. When it comes to losing fat you want to be in a relative calorie deficit, not an absolute one, and give the body scheduled re-feeds to stoke the metabolic rate