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Thread: Strongest Man in the UK - I can bench 280KG

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    Strongest Man in the UK - I can bench 280KG

    Alright guys - I've started designing my own workout regimes. I've got an app just out on iTunes called 'the Strongman workout with Eddie Hall' - do let me know what you think of it - happy to tweak it!

    Got a 28 day Strongman Challenge to put on 8lbs of muscle and four workout regimes and a month's worth of meal plans. Any thoughts do let me know.

    Cheers fellas.

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    As you just joined, I would prefer you be a contributing member of the community and no just someone who is going to post a couple of times to promote your app etc. If that is the case, please don't come back. If not, welcome and please contribute to the boards.

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